NPR Executive Accuses Tea Party and Conservatives as “Seriosly Racist”

An NPR executive was caught on camera lambasting the Tea Party as "seriously racist" and claiming that liberals might be, as a whole, more educated than conservatives.  The comments from Ron Schiller, a senior executive at NPR and president of the NPR Foundation, were made during a meeting with two people posing as members of … Continue reading NPR Executive Accuses Tea Party and Conservatives as “Seriosly Racist”

Union Battle Lines: We Went To Madison

Madison Wisconsin. (February 28) The call went out far and wide for massive protests to stand with the unions in Wisconsin. Every liberal, socialist, communist, Marxist, anarchist and left wing group in the country spread - and answered - the call. I have been watching in rapt fascination as a little known governor from an … Continue reading Union Battle Lines: We Went To Madison

Labor Unions Intensify The Street War In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Republicans have begun increasing the pressure on the Democratic State Senators who fled Wisconsin to prevent legislature from having a quorum, thus forestalling that body's ability to vote on budget legislation aimed at returning the state to a sustainable course of fiscal sanity. These Democrats, who fled Wisconsin faster than the French left Paris, … Continue reading Labor Unions Intensify The Street War In Wisconsin

Who Is John Galt?

This is John Galt Speaking

As a teenager I was a voracious reader, which is the influence in my life I credit as second for what modicum of success I have achieved, after the incredible influence of my mother and father.   Coincidentally, this article involves both.  I was fifteen years old and chewing through books like the Google crawler, finished reading … Continue reading This is John Galt Speaking

A Time For Choosing

Although Glenn Beck is moving up this list rapidly, at the time of this writing Ronald Reagan is the man - right after my father - whom I most admire and most often quote. Reagan delivered a famed speech on October 27, 1964 which would forever be known as the Time For Choosing speech. At … Continue reading A Time For Choosing

Political Cannibalism: Democrats Rush To Eat Each Other As They Run From The Tea Party

The Democratic Party which has long been a group of disparate constituencies united in support of common big government programs, is fast becoming a collection of panicked politicians engaged in civil war and political cannibalism as they scramble to get out of the Tea Party's way.