Financial Reform Bill: Cui Bono

The real benefactors of this reform legislation are not the American people, nor is it America’s economy. The Latin phrase commonly means that those who will benefit are found among those who have something to gain, and the stated enemy, in this case Wall Street, is a scapegoat. So, cui bono: who benefits?


Throw The Lying Bastards Out: It Is Time We Sent Them Packing For Good

Democratic politicians of today - and their media lapdogs - are far worse than their predecessors of 30 years ago. No lie is too outrageous for these people.

Happy Birthday President Reagan: God How I and America Miss You

My sons, 6 and 8 at the time of his passing, had no understanding of who Ronald Reagan was, or of what death meant, for that matter. But, they had never seen their father cry before that day. Those two boys, for reasons kept to themselves, sensed something quite powerful and historic must be afoot, and not at all good. They sat silently, one on either side of me, and watched President Reagan's funeral on television.