Scott Schaefer's Web Logo and AvatarAlong with the primary blog authored by Scott Schaefer, this site, more than any other site or blog from Lexington | development, presents the unadulterated yet undeniable and often indisputable articles and commentary of publisher Scott Schaefer, delivered with little or no regard for who may be offended by them. This Blog provides economic and political analysis about events facing – and threatening – America today.

Scott Schaefer publishes this blog as a public service, without remuneration, because he feels compelled to present to the American people information about the threat Barack Obama and the progressive radicals with whom he surrounds himself pose to the American way of life in an effort to stop the threat.

In order to factually support the information and analysis, and therefore support the commentary presented by Schaefer, who is a long time Reagan Conservative, famous positions and quotations of Ronald Reagan are woven into these articles as citations which support the positions presented herein. Why Reagan? The answer is simple and to paraphrase Reagan, there may not be easy answers, but there are simple answers. No other politician has had such a masterful ability to hone in on those simple answers. When combined with always having the courage of his convictions, Reagan was the most patriotic and effective President this country ever had.

Now is the time for a new Reagan Revolution. This website attempts to continue the work Reagan began so long ago, because, as Reagan said, “We have come to a time for choosing.”

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