A radicalized Muslim terrorist attacked the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last Sunday, opening fire inside, shooting 100 Americans, killing 49 and maiming 51 more. The terrorist selected Pulse and the men he shot for no other reason than that they were gay. Islam requires that gays be put to death.

That absurd and barbaric Muslim dogma didn’t matter in America. Until now. But now, Muslim terrorists and radicalized Muslims are being empowered and protected by their submissive enablers in the Democratic Party and championed by a president who can’t submit fast enough to every Muslim that comes along.

Democrats Decided To Help Muslims Throw Gays Off Roof

Because the Democratic Party has become nothing more than a disparate collection of victim groups, I have long wondered what happens when the interests of one victim group directly conflict with the interests of another victim group? It turns out there is a hierarchy of victimhood in the Democratic Party, so the outcome is preordained.

I heard conservative, gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulis describe the dilemma his liberal friends would have hosting a party. He said that he couldn’t attend the party because the Muslim guests would throw him off the roof. Democrats are helping Muslims throw gays off of roofs.

Democrats Have Chosen Muslims Over Gays

The mere fact that the Democratic Party so zealously protects their Muslim cohorts makes clear the fact that Democrats now actively side with Muslims against gays in the latest reshuffling of the victimhood hierarchy that defines the modern Democratic Party. In April, I wrote an article describing how Barack Obama is betraying America by protecting Muslim terrorists, and it has not gotten any better.

If you don’t believe the Democratic Party would forsake their pawns in the LGBT community, try this. In the last five days, since a Muslim terrorist deliberately targeted gay men with malice aforethought, not one voice from the Democratic Party has expressed anything resembling condemnation or criticism of Islam, Muslims or Sharia. Not one.

Not one democratic voice will question the vetting process for Muslim immigrants. In fact, they’ll use accusations of racism or xenophobia against anyone who does question Muslims in any way. This week the democrats and their mainstream media echo chamber managed to blame Republicans, Christians, and America for the terror attack, declaring that Republican and Christian hate spurs Muslims to commit terrorist attacks.

Not one Democrat was interested enough in 100 slaughtered gay men to even address Sharia law or the Islamic edict mandating the death of all homosexuals. Not one. After all, Democrats can’t let a crisis go to waste.

Democratic Politicians Are Exploiting Orlando Terror Attack To Push Gun Control

Instead, every Democratic politician in America is busy exploiting the horrific massacre of innocent gay men to advance their long-term progressive agenda of strict gun control laws, the elimination of the second amendment and, ultimately, the disarming of all Americans. Democrats are so fixated on disarming America that they are completely ignoring the innocent victims of this atrocity to pursue political gains.

Democrats have become so disingenuous and dishonest that they are, as American Thinker put it, beneath contempt, selling America out at every chance, determined to destroy our individual freedoms and our right to bear arms.

Gay Conservative Journalist Milo Yiannopoulos Press Conference In Orlando

On Wednesday following the vicious attack in Orlando, Breitbart.com Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulis, a gay conservative journalist, held a press conference yards from the Pulse nightclub to address what he referred to as Barack Obama’s ‘limp-wristed response’ to the terrorist attack. Here is the video of the press conference.

At the press conference, Milo told the gay community that Democrats were never going to protect them and that there was only one presidential candidate who would do more to protect gays; Donald Trump. He also expressed outrage at the Democrats for politicizing the massacre of innocent gay men to advance their gun control agenda, telling the gay community that it is guns that will keep them safe and they should shoot back.

The primary message Milo delivered at the press conference, and again in an article the following day, is that America does not have a radical Muslim problem, we have an ‘All Muslim’ problem. Referring to a great deal of polling data, Milo proved that #NotAllMuslims is simply a Democratic Party marketing effort to distract from the fact that yes it is all Muslims. Radical Muslims and moderate Muslims are indistinguishable, and neither can peacefully coexist with the gay community or any civilized community.

Liberal Progressive Hypocrisy Knows No Limits (And They Aren’t Even Embarrassed)

The day before his press conference, Twitter suspended Milo’s account for posting messages that were critical of Muslims. Although Twitter succumbed to public pressure and reinstated the account, it is Twitter’s operating strategy to delete content which is unfavorable to Muslims.

To say this is unbelievable is really slow selling it. Two days later, after the press conference, Milo received upwards of 100 death threats from Muslims, all of which he received via Twitter. As best we can determine, Twitter didn’t suspend the accounts of the Muslims who made death threats against Milo. Apparently, one must speak Arabic or Farsi to get along well with Twitter.

I’ll conclude by quoting American Thinker because I don’t think it can be said better. “The Left and the Democratic Party of today is the most dangerous, unprincipled and deceitful clique in this nation’s history.  They are very capable of succeeding in permanently tearing this nation asunder.  Any group that can so callously dismiss Islamic terrorism, consciously pit citizen against citizen, irresponsibly promise Nirvana, exploit various ethnic blocs as sacrificial pawns in their self-serving game and deliberately undermine individual freedom in order to achieve their devious ends are essentially no different than those ultimately responsible for the carnage extant in the mid-20th century.”