Democrat Jim Moran, a Virginia Congressman, has publicly blamed the Democratic Party’s midterm election losses on voters who “don’t want to be governed by an African-American.”  No doubt your reaction to this news will vacillate between amusement, anger and outrage.  Amusement because of the stupidity, anger and outrage because of the insult to the voters.  But be wary; do not dismiss the position of Congressman Moran as the isolated opinion of one idiot Democrat.  Jimmy Carter proposed the same theory recently. 

I am no conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe this moron Moran is the proverbial lone gunmen either.  He is not.  Moran is an official messenger of the Democratic Party, busily advancing their long-term strategy of painting anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama as a racist.  Get used to it.  The Democrats are going to employ this strategy, with both increasing frequency and ferocity as we approach the 2012 Presidential election.  Quite simply, the Democrats are going to play the Race Card at every conceivable opportunity.

Their strategy is certainly offensive, as it preys on the basic decency of Americans who are not racists and who will go to great lengths to avoid even the slightest appearance of racism, but the Democrats will continue using it because it works.

This strategy is also massively stupid, because it is so easily disproved, provided Americans are aware. And it has become time for all Americans to be aware and to be offended by this political chicanery. 

First, lets accept one undeniable and self-proving fact: there is no widespread racism among American voters, because they enthusiastically supported and elected Barack Obama, and they knew he was African American.  Since neither Obama’s race nor the voters’ awareness of his race changed since he was elected, Democratic electoral losses cannot be blamed on race.  It is an absurd argument.

There has been a massive erosion of voter support for Obama and the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party arrogantly moved so far to the left that American voters finally understand Obama is a Socialist, and realized the mistake they made electing him in 2008. It is enlightenment, not racism.  We just finally understand Obama’s agenda

This voter enlightenment has been massive; far more massive than the Democrats understand or are willing to accept; at least publicly.  The Democrats are beginning to understand the level of popular support for the Tea Party; that is why they and their minions in the mainstream media attacking them as racists. 

Get used to it, because they are going to keep it up.  Disagree with Obama and you’ll be branded racist. Align yourself with the Tea Party and you’ll be branded racist.  It doesn’t matter if Congressman Moran does it, if Obama does it, or if Jimmy Carter does it.  It’s not true.  When you watch the evening news, I doubt you become upset about Obama the African American, but I bet my life you’re damned upset about Obama the Socialist.  Embrace that feeling, and make sure you maintain it until election day next year.

You can read more of the coverage of the Moran story on Fox News.