lexington-development-democrats-post-election-toasteeAlthough the sea of socialist rhetoric and hypocrisy through which Barack Obama makes us wade is routinely deep, I found a news blurb this morning that I found particularly  hypocritical.  Barack Obama is meeting   with the US Chamber of Commerce to see what he can do to help create jobs. Obama also wants to assure the business community he supports them.

That’s a tall order for the most anti-business President in our history.

Then it dawned on me, this is what Obama meant by transparency when he was running for office, because his effort to appear pro-business by making nice with the Chamber of Commerce is entirely transparent.

Just two months ago Obama was on a nationwide speaking tour attacking and maligning the Chamber of Commerce, claiming they were trying to buy the election, and snatch prosperity from the poor voters who deserved it.  But that wasn’t bad enough.

Obama’s inflammatory speeches  went much further by accusing the Chamber of Commerce of violating campaign finance laws by using hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign companies to steal the election.  Obama was lying. He knew his accusations were false when he was making them.

As a man completely lacking integrity, it doesn’t matter to him what he says when trying to get elected or trying to elect his Democratic brethren in the Congress.

But now our dear socialist leader would have us believe he is meeting with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss ways to work together to create American jobs.  This is just as big a lie as his last stump speech accusing the Chamber of trying to steal the Midterm Elections.

Make no mistake, Obama is meeting with the Chamber of Commerce because he has begun his reelection campaign and must appear friendly to the business community in order to have any chance at reelection.  Especially since the Democratic Party got its collectivist fanny spanked in the 2010 Midterm Election in November.

If Obama really wants to fix the economy and create American jobs, I’ll gladly provide him with a laundry list of steps he could take.  Among them, repeal ObamaCare, cut taxes, stop spending, roll back out-of-control entitlements and get out of the way.  Since none of these solutions are acceptable to Obama, American business will continue to sit on the $2 trillion in cash it has in reserves.  Until the voters get him out of the way.