Intelligent US Politics | AARP Stabs Seniors In BackThe health insurance industry and its supporters have a new criticism of ObamaCare. Information is coming to light which indicates that the AARP is getting preferential treatment under ObamaCare regulations released just before Christmas. This news caused me to really think about those who supported Obama’s hostile takeover of the health care system.   So was there anyone who supported ObamaCare whose support wasn’t somehow extorted or paid for?

All the big unions were paid off.  Buy My Vote Ben Nelson was paid off. The states of Florida and Louisiana were paid off.  Bart Stupak and his group were paid off. And lets not forget the countless number of former Senators and Members of Congress who were somehow bribed or cajoled into voting for the bill. And now we know that the AARP, who supported ObamaCare despite the mass exodus of its membership for doing so, did so because they were paid off to support it.

I haven’t been able to think of anyone (group or individual) who supported ObamaCare because they genuinely believed in it. In fact, all who supported it did so because they were coerced or paid-off to support it.

The pay off for AARP? They have been exempted from certain regulations now being promulgated by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the exemption is beneficial to AARP and AARP executives.

HHS released a set of regulations to ensure that insurance rate increases are thoroughly reviewed at either the state or federal level.  The rules, however, would exempt Medigap Policies, which are insurance plans intended to supplement gaps in Medicare coverage.  These Medigap policies are the types of policies AARP sells on behalf of a private insurer, and earns a profit for doing so. Being exempt from the regulations directly benefits AARP.  Therefore, it is no coincidence that AARP endorsed ObamaCare, because they had a vested interest in its passage.

scott-schaefer-intelligent-us-politics-aarp-in-bed-with-obamacareIt comes as no great surprise that the Obama Administration denies these claims.  It is, however, a matter of fact that AARP is exempt from certain health care overhaul regulations, such as a restriction on insurance industry executive pay and a tax on insurance companies.  The explanation that AARP is not an insurance company has no credibility, because they sell insurance.

According to Fox News, Medicare expert Gail Wilensky, who ran Medicare and Medicaid under former President George H.W. Bush, says the exemption for AARP is just an early surprise in a complex law.  “There are just hundreds and hundreds of provisions that most people, even those who think they’re informed, don’t know about,” she said. “You can count on every year, for the next six or seven years as this unfolds, that we are going to discover provisions that no one was aware was in that legislation.”

ObamaCare is quite possibly the single worst piece of legislation ever passed in America and continuing to learn that its supporters were bought and paid for only serves to solidify my opinion.