Hillary Clinton was right.  This is not something I’ve often said in my life and it may never happen again.  But right at this moment, the United States is facing a threat which she foresaw, and ran with, in a 2008 campaign commercial.  When the President of the United States gets a call at 3:00 in the morning about a threat to national security, who do you want answering that phone?  It was a brilliant commercial.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work.  Because the American people had become too complacent.  At least the millions who voted for Barack Obama.  They dismissed the possibility of there ever being such a threat.  Those naïve millions who voted for Obama were wrong again.north-korean-attack-on-south-koreaThe prediction Hillary Clinton made two years ago came true when Obama received a call last night informing him that North Korea unleashed a tirade of tank cannons against South Korea in an unprovoked attack that killed civilians and destroyed numerous South Korean homes.

Before I digress into providing any details about either this incident, or North and South Korea, I must address that which compelled me to pen this article: the reaction, action or inaction of our fearless leader, the Misleader of the Free World, Barack Obama.

Rather than jolting up out of bed (remember it was that dreaded 4:00 am call) and heading immediately to the situation room to hunker down with the nation’s best and brightest military advisers, Obama took a road trip to Kokomo Indiana to extoll his own virtues to a union crowd at a Chrysler plant.  He told the largely union crowd that he had saved America, that his stimulus plan was working, and of course took the opportunity to slam the wealthy and condemn tax cuts for the wealthy.  In other words, the President who never shuts up about himself was true to form, out on the campaign trail, as it were.  With his head in the sand.

All very typical Obama as he once again whistles past the graveyard.  What Obama was not doing was meeting with military advisers; planning counteraction against North Korea; planning military, trade and economic embargoes against North Korea; calling the President of South Korea, our long time ally; calling Kim Jong Il and telling that pygmy what was headed his way; and, any number of other actions against North Korea.

Kim Jong Il CartoonBecause Obama has proven himself weak, the pygmy that runs North Korean knows he can act without fear of repercussion.  After all, they attacked and sank a ship with no US reaction.  The entire world has witnessed Obama being snubbed by Iran.  In fact, the entire world has seen Barack Obama bowing and scraping his way around the world, being an American Apologist, since the day he took office, actually since before he was even elected, when he declared his intent to meet with the leaders of hostile regimes without preconditions.

After his road trip telling auto workers how he single handedly saved their jobs, the union and America, he rolled back into the White House to address the crisis.  Then, using the harshest possible terms, Obama described North Korea’s attack as a “provocative incident.”  Raquel Welch walking across the street is a provocative incident, what North Korea did was an act of war.  The most powerful man in the world then added “We strongly condemn the attack, and we are rallying the international community to put pressure on North Korea.”  Oh no, not that, please, please don’t strongly condemn.  What a tough guy.

Since Obama took office, North Korea, which is led by the aggressively anti-American totalitarian regime of Kim Jong Il has tested missile after missile, sunk a South Korean ship and generally thumbed their nose at Obama and the United States.  Today, North Korea unleashed a barrage of tank fire against an area of South Korea which is populated by civilians.  And, just as he has done in the past, Obama will do nothing.

Sure, he’ll send a carrier battle group for joint military maneuvers with South Korea, but he will do nothing.  There will be no military action.  There will be no trade embargoes.  There will be no harsh economic embargoes.  Nada.  Bupkus.

I remember the good old days, when Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.  When the bad guys around the world behaved themselves.  They behaved themselves because they knew – everyone knew – that bad behavior while Reagan was President would get their ass kicked.  Now they get an empty admonishment from Barack Obama.  I’m sure the North Koreans, and the rest of the world’s thugs are shaking in their boots…while they plan their next move to kick us with them.

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