Older American voters are the voting block most likely to vote in any election. This year, however, they are going to do so in record numbers. Seniors are supporting Republicans more than any other demographic group, in this election cycle, and they are poised to vote at historic levels.


Republicans, who are usually more likely to vote than Democrats, are far more likely to vote than are their Democratic counterparts this year, in every age group. But, older Republicans and independents who are leaning right, are creating a political tsunami that is crashing down on thousands of Democratic candidates.

This generational tidal wave of seniors and baby boomers, are mad as hell and they’re apparently not going to take it anymore. They are more enthusiastic about voting than at any time in the past, according to the Pew Research Center, and they are invested in the outcome of this election. By comparison, the group which includes young voters and 30-49 year old adults, are likely to turn out to vote in numbers typical for midterm election cycles.

Make no mistake, it is older voters who will carry the day today, and their enthusiasm is measurable. Here are some of those measures. Beating by 9% their previous high water mark, 84% of seniors and boomers say they will Definitely vote and 60% of them have given the election alot of thought. Historically, enthusiasm of this magnitude is usually a predictor of a very high voter turnout.

This senior wave represents a tremendous paradigm shift. Think about election cycles of the past, for a moment, and see if you can visualize the impact senior voters had. There really isn’t anything that jumps to mind. The impact of senior voters – and their voices – are typically minimized. Not so, this year. As another journalist recently put it, this time around seniors are concerned about the future. And, having lived through the ascendency of America as a superpower, they don’t like the fragile state America is now in. The way things are now in America isn’t exactly what they had in mind for their golden years.

They are pessimistic about the economy and 70% of them now say they plan on working after retirement and 60% say that Obama’s progressive policies have made the economy worse. In an amazing declination of support, at the beginning of the Obama administration, 60% approved of Obama, while now only 40% do. They are far more skeptical of healthcare reform than are younger voters, and they prefer a small government over a large one.

Some 80% view the economy negatively, while two-thirds of them believe their children’s generation will have it worse than their generation did. Never before in our history has a generation of Americans believed the next generation would be worse off. They believe that the US government is too big and spends too much, which translates into the evaporation of their safety net.

Gallup estimates that the senior turnout this year will be 11% higher than it was in the 2006 midterm election cycle, and in 2006, seniors turned out to vote at double the rate of younger voters. Rasmussen reports that seniors favor the Republican in their district by an18% margin, 53% to 35%. Seniors turning out in these kind of numbers and favoring Republicans as strongly as they are, are causing a political tsunami which will crash down on Democrats all across America.

I’ve cited enough numbers to make my point. However, two more numbers are certainly noteworthy. The Tea Party has hugely impacted older voters. More than 30% of the Tea Party are seniors, and almost 50% are Baby Boomers.

Since it is approaching closing time for the polls on the east coast, I’ll wrap this up. I want to conclude by giving thanks. Thank you, seniors and boomers, for standing up for what you believe and thank you for having the strength to back it up with your vote.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the one man who, I believe, had the greatest single impact on the electorate of any man in history. And, were it not for him, the resurgence of patriotism and ascendancy of the Tea Party – forces that will bring America back from the brink – would never have been possible. Thus, it is with a full heart that I thank Glenn Beck. There is no doubt in my mind, we would have been lost without you.

There is one thing about which seniors and boomers are completely certain: they’re not racists. They are sure of it and so am I, despite the almost daily attempts of the liberal media and Democratic leadership to the contrary.

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