Change It BackThere has been more media coverage of this election than any other mid-term election in my life. For the last several months, election coverage has increased daily, reaching overwhelming levels. Being a political news addict, I’ve absorbed most of it, much to the consternation of my beautiful wife. But, it occurred to me the other day, that virtually all news coverage has focused on House and Senate races. Races for governorships and state legislatures going largely ignored.

I scrambled to learn what was at stake and determine the likely outcomes of these state races. I felt tingles up my leg (sorry about this side note, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to humiliate MSNBC anchorman Chris Mathews, a moron whose leg tingles every time Obama speaks) because the news is better than I would have hoped.

At stake today: 37 governorships and control of 88 state legislatures out of the 99 in the country. Control of these seats will give the party that controls them a tremendous advantage in redrawing congressional districts which now must take place following the 2010 Census. Which party will prevail in these under-reported races? Here is my prognostication for this election night:

Republicans will win several swing state governorships from Democrats, like Iowa and Michigan, along with Pennsylvania. Huge swing states, like Ohio and Florida, are supposedly too close for pundits to call. Not being a pundit, I’ll call them. By tonight, Florida will have a Republican Governor, and my friend, John Kasich will be the new Republican Governor of Ohio.

The state legislatures in several states will swing back to the GOP with 6,000 legislative seats on the line. Nationally, as I said, 88 of the 99 legislative chambers are on the line. When Republicans last rode in on a wave of discontent, in 1994, they won the Congress, but they also won more than 500 state legislative seats. This year it may be even bigger.

For the first time since Ronald Reagan was President, Republicans will be well positioned for redistricting Congressional Districts. This makes the popular groundswell even more significant than the press will ever report, and it makes future conservative movements even more likely.

This year, millions of Americans, who were never before politically active, woke up, much like America did after Pearl Harbor. They knew things weren’t right and knew Obama’s policies were wrong. They knew the big government, tax and spend agenda was harmful. They knew their elected representatives should have listened to them, instead of telling them to sit down and shut up. They knew they had to do something when a narcissistic sycophantic progressive said they were un-American, said they were scared and said they would cling to their guns and their religion.

This year, millions of Americans awoke like a sleeping giant, became mad as hell, and decided they weren’t going to take it anymore. They went to town hall meetings and gathered with their neighbors. They kept going, their numbers growing, even with the liberal media attacking them every day.

Today is a very good day. It is the culmination of their efforts. Hard-working, honest Americans, who care about their country and want to take care of their families, who began by gathering with their neighbors, became the Tea Party and their numbers swelled into the millions. Today, those good folks begin taking their country back from the progressives and the socialists. And today, hundreds of blue seats will turn red.

As a special note to the Democratic Party and the liberal media: we aren’t racists, we aren’t un-American, we aren’t AstroTurf and we aren’t the enemy. We are Americans. We are Patriots. And, although it was a long road getting here, today we’re taking our country back. You are done here.