There are very few bumper stickers that I thought were worth remembering during my life, surely no more than 7 or 8 in total. One of my all-time favorites, which I saw the first time more than 20 years ago, was both memorable and prophetic.

I Don’t Believe The Liberal Media

It seems that many Americans have spent a good bit of time since then getting with the program and catching up to how I feel about the media. Gallup reported last week that a substantial  majority of Americans now say they have little or no trust in mainstream media. Americans, quite simply, do not trust mainstream media to report news honestly, fully, accurately, and fairly. That is, of course, except for Fox News. This is the fourth straight year that America’s level of distrust has climbed.  Gallup reports that 57% of Americans now do not believe the liberal media, an all-time record high.

Gallup’s Annual Governance Poll, which was conducted September 13-16, 2010, also reveals that Americans who report having a great deal or fair amount of trust in the mainstream media sits at an all time record low 43%. These findings further confirm a separate Gallup poll that found Americans have little confidence in newspapers and television news specifically.

In addition to no longer trusting the mainstream media, roughly half, or 48% of all Americans now believe the media is too liberal. This statistic is amazing to me.

I can’t believe that half of America doesn’t think the mainstream media too liberal. Good God, think of the moronic socialists who pose as news anchors at MSNBC and now tell me the media isn’t too liberal?

Additional poll internals reveal that liberals and democrats are substantially more likely to trust the media than are any other group of Americans. Or probably Russians for that matter.

Something tells me that Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave.


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