Congress has approved another emergency bailout. Another bailout, another $26,100,000,000. Just another in a long line of massive Obama bailouts we’ve been forced to accept as an emergency. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats spent $26,100,000,000 of  taxpayer money with such haste this week that they didn’t even have the courtesy to come up with a catchy patriotic name, so it remains untitled.

I feel slighted. If Obama and the Central Committee are going to piss away $26 Billion on another bailout, they should at least have the decency to give it a catchy name. Glenn Beck, a patriotic American always willing to sacrifice for the good of the country, was good enough to suggest that we name this legislative gem The Affordable Jobs Act For American Loving Americans Going Back To Work At Their Job And Sick Kids Too Act. As usual, Glenn Beck was right, it’s catchy.

In typical Obama fashion, sweeping legislation passed with no transparency, this time without even the appearance of any effort to educate the public. But, my God, there’s no time to inform the public, it’s an emergency bailout!

Following the long-term Obama stratagem for transformational change, it’s always an emergency, and you better not disagree. In the case of this massive spending bailout, we couldn’t oppose it, after all, it was to save the kids. Surely you don’t hate kids!

The most magnificently dishonest President in history has utilized this strategy with all legislation for bailouts that spend taxpayer money on a massive scale or that seize power on an unprecedented level. In virtually every instance, it’s been done with blatant disregard for the Constitution, you know, that pesky little document the Progressives are determined to undermine and progress beyond.

Many of you still don’t see the dishonesty, or can’t bring yourselves to believe that Obama is evil, acting against the best interests of the country, so I’ll illustrate how it is occurring, every day, in Washington.

For disingenuous Progressives like Obama to pass sweeping reforms, they developed a foolproof game plan against which no defense existed, because Americans, being uniquely American, would never accept change that transforms America into a second-rate socialist nation. At least under normal circumstances.

Barrack Obama and the gaggle of progressives, liberals and socialists that permeate his administration, devised a plan to pass sweeping changes that fundamentally transform America. With the unwavering assistance of the mainstream media who support Obama much like the Pravda of old supported the Politburo, they’ve executed it with remarkable ease. Brilliant in it’s simplicity, their plan follows this blueprint.

  1. Insure Crisis. Transformational initiatives must happen quickly, and must, therefore, always be a crisis, the solution to which must pass immediately, lest the country succumb to the horrific consequences of inaction.
  2. Identify the Enemy. The proffered solution to the then immediate crisis targets an evil, horrible enemy, such as health insurance companies when Obama seized control of the health care system or Wall Street Fat Cats when Obama took unprecedented control over the country’s financial institutions.
  3. Protect Little Guy. If no clearly identifiable enemy is available as specified in Step Two, then the proposed solution must protect some group of us little people, in a way which appears so altruistic that we dare not disagree. Such as the case this week; you don’t hate the kids, do you?.
  4. Political Nuke. If circumstances provide no Enemy or Protection as described above, go nuclear. No matter what the opposition is to and Obama proposal, it is really only because thee who opposes is racist.

Touted with unwavering media cooperation as the first post-racial president, Obama uses Race Baiting as a tactic whenever and wherever convenient. Just as he used the Race Card against Bill Clinton to defeat Hillary in the primaries.

Even those who disagree with Bill Clinton consistently, such as myself, have never accused him of being racist. Bill Clinton accused Obama then of “using the Race Card” and he was right. But, Race Baiting worked. Bill was portrayed as racist and Hillary was defeated. A brilliant tactic, one which is obscenely evil, but effective nonetheless.

This Progressive game plan has worked, thus far, and it worked again this week, as Obama fundamentally transformed Americans out of another $26 Billion. Unsaid by Obama and the Democrats was that the Trillion Dollar emergency stimulus spending eighteen months ago, which became the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was to save the teachers, the kids, the cops, the economy and everything else, and it was an emergency. Ask yourself this:

  • If the Trillion Dollars in emergency bailout eighteen months ago was such an immediate emergency, why is $400 Billion still not spent?
  • If $400 Billion of the emergency bailout from eighteen months ago is still available, why not spend it on the teachers now?
  • What new emergency worthy of another $26 Billion bailout has come up for those very same teachers?

On the other hand, if you’ve had enough of the deceit, race baiting, taxing, spending and Barrack Obama and his Progressive Agenda, Sign Up Now for the truth and Join Me and millions of other good Americans in fighting back against the fundamental transformation of America into a second rate socialist nation. Learn The Truth before it’s too late and Join In The Fight To Save America.

Scott Schaefer