This week, President Obama becomes the first sitting President to appear on a daytime talk show. This history making, earth shattering event will be an appearance on The View. What a trailblazer! Imagine the intense grilling he’ll have to endure from Whoopi and the girls.

Speaking of trailblazers, the Boy Scouts of America celebrate their 100 year anniversary this week at a Jamboree in Virginia. The 45,000 scouts who will attend had hoped Obama would appear, especially since it is in his backyard, as Presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush did.

Though the last several Presidents appeared at the Boy Scouts Jamboree, Obama prefers to appear at  Democratic Party fundraisers and on The View instead.

As usual, politics is more important to Obama than anything else; especially right and wrong. Snub the Boy Scouts, but raise millions for Democratic politicians. I suppose I should be thankful Obama and his ilk haven’t declared the Boy Scouts un-American or called them terrorists, like they have the Tea Party.

Come to think of it, while he’s in New York, Obama should seize the opportunity to visit his old buddy Charlie Rangel to help his pal out. After all, they are two peas in a pod, consistently representing the same values; or lack thereof, and Charlie appears to be in a great deal of trouble.