Obama endorsements sunk two more Democratic candidates this month as his political capital is waning – as is his popularity – in the face of widespread voter rebellion.

Endorsements-From-ObamaKiss-Of-Death-For-Democrats Senator Benedict Arlen Specter became the fourth Democrat in seven months to lose a high-profile election despite active involvement in the campaign by Obama. The Associated Press, in their infinite wisdom, said that this is "raising doubts about Obama’s ability to help fellow Democrats in this November’s elections." You think?

The first three all fell to Republicans. Specter’s loss Tuesday to Representative Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania’s Democratic senatorial primary proves, unequivocally, that Obama’s influence and popularity – even within his own party – is sinking fast. And he’s taking alot of Democratic candidates with him.

There remains an outside possibility that Democrats will fare better than expected at the polls in November. I say this simply to appear as if I’m considering all possibilities. In reality, the November mid-term elections are going to be a horrible blood bath for Democrats.

Obama’s waning popularity and abysmal record will almost certainly hurt his legislative agenda, as well as Democratic lawmakers who are seeking re-election are beginning to put distance between themselves and the White House and this phenomenon will continue increasing. The only thing they’re doing faster than moving away from Obama is moving to get out of the way of the Tea Party.

"We’re licking our chops at running against President Obama," said Rand Paul, the victorious Tea Party candidate in Kentucky’s Republican Senatorial primary. Paul, along with scores of conservative candidates are praying that Obama campaigns for their opponents. This, it seems, would insure Democratic losses.

As Obama interjects himself into these Congressional elections he is hurting the candidates he supports by motivating his foes, such as Tea Party supporters. Barack Obama is creating a party of Political Cannibals, as I expressed in a recent article.

Especially embarrassing for Obama was Joe Sestak’s victory in Pennsylvania over Specter, because Sestak won by portraying himself as being more faithful to the Democratic Party than were Specter and Obama. This is good stuff.

In the Arkansas Democratic primary, incumbent Democrat Blanche Lincoln, who is seeking re-election for what will be her third term in the Senate, failed to capture enough of the vote to avoid a run-off, despite – or maybe because of – Obama’s support.

The Dear Leader is batting a thousand with his endorsements. He supported John Corzine in New Jersey, Creigh Deeds in Virginia and, of course, Martha Coakley in Massachusetts. The Democrats lost every race.

Hurry up, Mr. President, Democratic candidates across the nation desperately need your help. Now get out there and campaign for all of them. Please.



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