The Democratic Party which has long been a group of disparate constituencies, it is fast becoming incoherent rabble and a collection of panicked politicians engaged in political cannibalism.

democrats-becoming-political-cannibals The media publishes stories all the time about civil war within a political party; they’ve  just always run those stories about the Republicans Party. The story you’re not hearing is about the war being fought right now in the Democratic Party. Democrats are at war with themselves, and it’s a great story. It will, in fact, be incredibly entertaining to watch this phenomenon unfold as largely dishonest liberal politicians go at each other like they are swinging at a piñata.

An offshoot of this, which will also be magnificently entertaining, will be watching Democratic candidates rushing to take positions on issues that are so whacked out, they won’t even understand them, let alone be able to explain or defend them.

For example, take the fight between incumbent Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln and Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, who are set to square off in a June run-off. Apparently, Halter now supports the card check bill; the bill that makes elections to unionize a workplace remarkably Soviet-like, abolishing the secret ballot. In and of itself, that isn’t all that remarkable; plenty of socialists and progressives support that position. The amazing thing, in this case, is that Halter has gotten more than $1,000,000 from unions. There is nothing else you can call this except a straight-up bribe. Halter may as well advertise the fact that he can be bought.

In Pennsylvania, Democratic primary voters rejected old Benedict Arlen Specter, who, until recently becoming a turncoat, was a lifelong Republican. Specter, whose name itself sounds like an evil criminal organization from a James Bond movie, was strongly supported by Obama and the Democratic Party hierarchy. So much so, in fact, that Obama offered his opponent Joe Sestak a job in Washington if he would withdraw from the primary contest. In essence, buying him off. As has become rather common, the candidate supported by Obama lost. Now the White House is rushing to support Sestak, despite the fact that Sestak accused Obama of bribery.

In Illinois, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is reportedly ready to endorse a Republican in the Senate race, instead of supporting his own candidate, Democrat Alexi Giannoulias. If Jackson actually endorses a Republican, my hat is off to him for not supporting Democrat Giannoulias, whose family-controlled bank gave loans to mob-related individuals; just before failing.

Folks, it’s going to be outright cannibalism, as Democratic candidates rush to eat each other, lest they be eaten themselves. Obama sees it differently, calling it a revolt against incumbents. That’s his story and he’s sticking with it. It just happens not to be true. What we are seeing is a massive revolt against big government and, quite simply, we get to watch as Democratic candidates try mightily to get out of the way of the Tea Party.

The Democratic Party is fast becoming incoherent rabble. While they may have passed Obamacare last winter, now House Democrats can’t even pass a budget resolution. The Democratic Party has long been a group of disparate constituencies united in support of a common big government program. It is fast becoming a collection of panicked politicians engaged in civil war and political cannibalism. And I’m going to love watching.