I remember it like it was yesterday. It was presidential election season in the run-up to the 1980 election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. I was 16 years old and paying a great deal of attention to the watershed election of my lifetime and still remains the widest chasm between candidates I have ever seen. I started  very excited about observing American democracy at work.

One Term For ObamaThat excitement changed to resentment when I realized that every Democratic politician I observed was lying, and virtually every reporter and journalist allowed it and assisted in the effort; paragons of virtue, one and all. I put resentment aside, becoming excited once again, because I saw things so clearly. I understood the course I had to follow with total clarity. I went to work… and did everything I could, to win that one for the Gipper.

It was the perfect election for a young man to learn politics, the contrast so striking between the candidates: Carter who was the most magnificent presidential failure in history, and Reagan who turned out to be the most magnificently successful.

Every Democratic politician I saw was lying like a rug, doing everything they could to assist Carter’s reelection effort, with the media completely selling out to help. Surely, everyone saw the corruption, any idiot could see it, couldn’t they? It was painfully obvious to me, and the only explanation that stood to reason was that those Democratic politicians and their pep squad from the media was either an idiot or a liar. The liars, I came to learn, significantly outnumbered the stupid, and with my simple, innocent way of viewing it, only served to make them more culpable. I could have forgiven idiots. After all, they don’t know any better. But the liars couldn’t be forgiven or shown any quarter, because they were intentionally inflicting harm on the country.

Of course, I saw all of this with the total clarity that is only possible for a 16 year old. In studying the same matter now, 30 years later, I’m 46 years old and don’t have the benefit of that clarity. However, it turns out that I didn’t have to try very hard to see it all again, only the Democratic politicians of today – and their media lapdogs – are far worse than their predecessors of 30 years ago. No lie is too outrageous for these people.

Now I am 46, and the only thing that has changed is that these bastards now have no limits whatsoever. Their zeal to prevail in elections far outweighs the honor they should have had, but don’t.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Shown With Obama's hand controlling him Look at MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews, for example. This slobbering moron actually said he gets a thrill up his leg when listening to Obama. Bernie Goldberg was right in describing the media’s relationship with Obama as a slobbering love affair.

Democratic politicians – progressives – are aided constantly by the mainstream media lapdogs who kneel at the feet of the Dear Leader. Both groups working together in a well orchestrated, yet completely dishonest attempt to attack, ridicule and discredit Tea Partiers.

Rather than view these Americans as people who are unhappy with the direction the country is going, with whom they have genuine disagreement, they lie about the Tea Parties and those who attend them, claiming that the Tea Partiers are just racists. In fact, they claim that anyone who disagrees with Obama is racist. I saw a Democratic Congressman this week claim that those damn Tea Partiers were almost wearing KKK hoods. I haven’t had the time to go back and find this lying bastard, but I will. He must be made to atone.

Do you know why the progressives and mainstream media lie so prolifically? It is because it is impossible to support their failed policies intellectually. Instead, they diminish detractors with lies and personal attacks.

I also believe they are scared. They won’t admit it, preferring, as they do, to explain away the Tea Party phenomenon as anything but what it really is. The Silent Majority has been awakened and they are pissed.

They won’t debate issues intellectually, as they should. Instead the progressives pursue every shifty, devious, dishonest and, quite frankly, unconstitutional path to silencing and discrediting Tea Partiers.

Congratulations. You liars and idiots, you are your own undoing. We let you have your way, unfettered, for about a year, and in that brief time you have deeply hurt this great country. You have hurt the country so deeply that millions of hard working, honorable Americans have had to rise up – just as they did 30 years ago when we elected President Reagan – to protect their families and the nation from the path of certain ruination that Obama and his ilk continue to pursue.

Obama and the liberals, progressives, socialists, idiots and liars prove their mettle every day, unable to be respectful to fellow Americans, preferring instead to call us Astroturf, racists and rednecks.

Have no fear, good people of the Tea Party, for we will prevail. The progressives time is over. They had a year and failed so miserably that they lost Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat – a seat more solidly socialist than any district in Moscow. And they lost it to a little known Tea Party Republican.

Do not lose faith, I say to the faithful. We made the difference in Massachusetts. We made the difference in Virginia. We made the difference in New Jersey. And I tell you now that we will make such a difference in November that we will send the dishonest, morally bankrupt, intellectually dishonest progressives packing. Millions of good Americans – Tea Party Patriots all – are mad as hell, and we’re going to take our country back.

Remain vigilant, because the progressives haven’t given up yet, they’re very busy trying to figure ways to steal as many election races as possible. They are morally repugnant, but not dumb, so this 2010 Midterm Election will be a battle – not of ideas, because that battle is already over – but of tactics, games and lawyers.

It will drive you crazy, it will frustrate you, but don’t lose heart, because we will take this country back and right its path. I always remember a funny thought that bolsters my spirits when I feel frustrated, and I hope it helps you. Think about how funny it will be when the democrats wheel that Jimmy Carter out on to every stage possible during the fall campaigns, arguing their talking points. Embrace the comedy in that picture, as the second most spectacularly unsuccessful president in history argues on behalf of the most spectacularly unsuccessful president in history.

We will send these losers packing; hopefully for another 30 years. Join me – and millions of others – and we’ll save this country. We have no choice. And I don’t want to see any hoods at our rallies…see, when the liars sink this low, they’ve already lost. Me, I’m going to win one more for the Gipper.

Scott Schaefer
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