As Barack Obama continues his assault on the American way of life, governing with contempt for the American people, Americans continue to rebel against ObamaCare as the seeds of dissent spread.

The seeds of dissent are spreading across America like wildfire, as voter rebellion against ObamaCare continues, driven by our fundamental disagreement with the legislation, not by lack of understanding or our own ignorance, as Obama and the left would have you believe.

Americans cannot be educated into agreeing with the legislation. They understand it and reject it. New talking points and high-budget road shows will not change unalterable facts. ObamaCare is socialized medicine, big government control over the economy and our lives. It is unconstitutional and is, quite simply, un-American, and we refuse to accept it.

Americans are equally incensed by the heavy-handed tactics employed by Obama and the Democratic Party in ramming it down our throats. Rather than governing for the people, as our forefathers intended in our founding documents, Obama and the Democrats have completely ignored the wishes of the people. With total disdain for those he purports to govern, the Dear Leader proclaimed that government knows best, telling the little people to shut up and fall in line. No, Mr. President, we won’t shut up and fall in line; we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

We reject the content of this legislation, we reject the methods employed to pass it, and we reject it because government screws up everything it touches. This is as sure as death and taxes.

Social Security is broke, Medicare is broke, and the Post Office is broke. And yet now, despite this ridiculous track record, we are to believe that the same monumentally incompetent morons responsible for bankrupting these institutions know what’s best for us? These idiots presume to tell us they should run health care? They failed in competently delivering mail.

No private for profit institution would employ these statesmen to run their company, but the progressives have nationalized our health care system – and fully 1/6 of the US economy with it – employing a style remarkably similar to the governing style practiced by Hugo Chavez.

In his first inaugural address – 30 years and 180 degrees of political philosophy ago – Ronald Reagan proclaimed that “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Reagan was right then and he would be right now.

Until now, it could be said that our government was instituted among men, deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed. That philosophy is dead. It was killed by Barack Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party, exhibiting disdain for those they were entrusted to govern.

Well spoken though he may be, Obama governs like an elegant street thug, declaring that he demanded passage of this controversial legislation. Narcissistic Democrats in the Congress assured him it would comply, by any means necessary. These progressives have shredded the Constitution – and with it our liberty – in the process.

Americans will always have contentious debate over volatile issues, but at the end of the day, we have time-honored ways to reach consensus; which is what this president and this Congress have completely ignored, igniting a furious backlash, as their disdain for the voters becomes increasingly obvious.

Scores of millions of Americans are now telling Washington they do not want ObamaCare. But, rather than build consensus and govern, Obama and his political operatives attack those who dare disagree with them. My 65 year old saint of a mother – a woman who has never hurt anyone in her life – has been called un-American and dangerous by the President of the United States. Shame on you, sir. Other Democratic Party leaders have called her a terrorist. Shame on you all.

I warn you now, America. Do not to expect their brutal political tactics to abate. Obama’s progressive political operatives will continue to shred the Constitution with their jack boots, in their zeal to redistribute wealth and fundamentally transform America.

I, like the scores of millions of American who now protest, like the Tea Party Patriots, like most Americans, don’t want the country to be fundamentally transformed.

As I have previously written, like the Twilight Zone episode of 50 years ago, the playbook Obama and his progressive ilk are following is a cookbook; and we are the ingredients. America, you must make a choice. You can drink your Obama Kool-Aid, to lessen the pain of being cooked, or you can stand up and fight.

As a patriot, my course is clear and my resolve firm. I’m going to fight. I’m going to win just one more for the Gipper. If you care about America, as I do, contact me and learn how we can work together, to preserve our liberty, the Constitution and our very way of life.

Oh, and to the mainstream media and those shameless journalists who every day claim that our dissent is driven by racism, go to hell. We are Americans and we don’t care about the color of our skin, your skin or Obama’s skin. We refuse to be led blindly to the socialist slaughter and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Scott Schaefer

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  1. Pretty much everyone who voted for the healthcare legislation campaigned on a platform that included something like this plan. If you have a quibble, it is with the American people who voted for such candidates, not with those elected officials who have done exactly what they pledged to do while campaigning.

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