Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership passed legislation that takes over the US health care system and 1/6 of the American economy, despite overwhelming voter opposition, by buying votes and achieving levels of political corruption never before witnessed in history.

wreckonciliation In just his first year in office, Barack Obama has proven to be the most profoundly dishonest President in American history. In what is only the latest example of the corruption which is widespread in the Obama White House, and his perversion of the American political system, Barrack Obama succeeded in securing an eleventh hour endorsement from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus of ObamaCare legislation.

Be prepared, because this time Obama bought congressional votes by pledging to push an amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens.

In this apparent quid pro quo, the president’s promise to push amnesty in 2010 coincidentally came just hours after members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus promised their support for the health care reform bill. The announcement further coincided with the release of an outline for amnesty legislation authored by Senators Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham.

According to the outline, illegal aliens would be required to admit that they broke the law, pay an unspecified fine for having settled illegally in the US, pay back taxes (which should have been paid anyway), and fulfill some minor civic requirements. In addition, the outline calls for increases in future immigration to the United States. The concrete benefits for the people who violated US immigration laws are offset by vague promises of future immigration enforcement.

“The Schumer-Graham plan appears to be a near carbon copy of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty legislation that was resoundingly rejected by the American people in 2007,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform FAIR. “The public believed amnesty was fundamentally unfair, harmful to the interests of law-abiding citizens and legal immigrants, and prohibitively expensive to American taxpayers. Since the last attempt to pass amnesty, US unemployment has more than doubled, the size of the federal deficit has grown tenfold, and nearly every state government is facing a fiscal crisis.”

The release of the Schumer-Graham outline was timed to appease the thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters who gathered on the National Mall last Sunday. “While Congress and the Obama administration ignore the concerns of millions of American families who are struggling through the worst economic crisis in 75 years, they appear remarkably responsive to the demands of people who are in the country illegally,” Stein said.

This latest corrupt political move by Obama, sells out the interests of American citizens and taxpayers on two fronts; health care and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Scott Schaefer