Redistribution of Wealth is the top priority as Andy Stern, President of SEIU, the most frequent visitor to the White House – and the one who has presented Obama with the most bribes, is now serving as an Economic Adviser to Obama.

warning-seiu-attending Andy Stern, President of Service Employees International Union SEIU was recently quoted saying, "I’m all about corrupting the political system." This striking revelation from the most frequent visitor to the Obama White House isn’t really all that surprising. After all, SEIU contributed more than $60 million to the Obama campaign, and unions, overall, contributed almost $400 million to the campaign to elect the Dear Leader, Barack Obama.


The relationship between Stern and Obama certainly suggests a deep kinship, which is evidenced further by Obama’s recent appointment of Stern to his fiscal responsibility panel. Since Stern is now going to serve as an economic adviser to President Obama and not simply Obama’s most prolific briber.

The fact that a socialist thug, like Stern, has open access to the White House is disturbing enough. It is made all the more disturbing by an official position. It becomes outrageous and dangerous, and something of which all Americans should take note, given this quote from Stern"

"We are at historic crossroads, we are at the historic crossroad I think economically in my lifetime, in terms of what a new President is trying to do and the different way we are going to try to evaluate the economy.  So, all of a sudden, we are witnessing the first new American economic plan led by the government not necessarily led by the private sector.  We now have a new metric, you know, the President says he wants to judge the new economy whether it increases the number of people in the middle class, whether we have shared prosperity not just whether we have growth, which is a fundamental different philosophy than we’ve seen in our country up to date."

Andy Stern, President SEIU April 2, 2009 

Stern sums up Obama’s desire to redistribute wealth in this quote. All Americans should take note and take action, and never again, in their lifetime, vote Democratic.


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