With severe beatings of democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, and an electoral upset in Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, voter discontent with Obama and his Progressive Agenda have become evident. Yet, Democratic leaders and the mainstream media continue to attack me: I am a Tea Party Patriot.

Now that voter discontent has become evident, appearing as it has, in the bluest of blue states, and voter outrage is focused on the president’s handling of terror, taxes and health care, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to marginalize Tea Party folks. Be that as it may, Democratic leaders have called Tea Party activists:

  • · Extremist mobs by the Democratic National Committee.
  • · Pawns of the insurance industry by Senator Dick Durbin.
  • · Un-American by Nancy Pelosi. and Steny Hoyer.
  • · Brownshirts by Representative Brian Baird of Washington.
  • · Evilmongers by Senator Harry Reid.
  • · Un-American by the Honorable Nancy Pelosi.

They have been accused of fear-mongering by the president, called Manufactured and Astroturf by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and have been deemed political terrorists by Baron Hill of Indiana. Democrats, one and all.

 It was always wishful thinking and delusional for the Democrats to believe town hall protesters represented just a tiny segment of America. Even before the Tea Party took off like wildfire and the protesters were a much smaller group, their issues and concerns were legitimate. It was incredibly disrespectful – and downright dumb – of Democrats to smear people giving voice to their worries. In doing so, Democrats succeeded in evincing the exact arrogance that caused voters to revolt in Massachusetts electing Scott Brown.

Brown’s win signified something, indeed. Perhaps the loss of a Senate seat would not have snuck up on national Democrats – and Coakley herself – if they hadn’t spent the last year denigrating and trying to minimize the Tea Party folks. It’s easy to think you’ve got an election in the bag when you believe your opposition is a tiny clan of noisy, redneck racists – how many of those could there by in Massachusetts, anyway?.

Democrats fooled themselves into believing the town hall caricature and ignored the wishes of real Americans. Of course, it has since become evident that the President and Democratic leaders don’t really care what Americans want, but that’s a story for another day.

Idiots at  MSNBC continue to abet Democrats in this fantasy, and continue to denigrate the Tea Party. MSNBC anchor and bastion of journalistic integrity, Chris Matthews, has referred to 60 year old Veterans as terrorists and called Tea Party activists aspiring Timothy McVeighs. I’m sure his perception has been distorted by the thrill Barack Obama sends up his leg. Dylan Rattigan, another MSNBC heavyweight, seems to go on completely wheels-off rants that defy logic.

Democrats and the mainstream media remain delusional and remain dedicated to passing health-care takeover legislation that Americans clearly shun. Obama declared today that he has waited long enough and it’s time for the Congress to vote on health care. The arrogance of this President is astonishing

To be clear, the Tea Party, in reality, are Americans who simply object to the Progressive Agenda being forced down their throats by Obama and the Democratic Party. They object to an overreaching government that has become unresponsive to its citizens; citizens they purport to represent. Citizens who are much greater in number than Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the MSNBC morons acknowledge. The number will become intuitively obvious to even casual observers in November, to the electoral detriment of Democrats everywhere.

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