obamas-dirty-union-deals Thank God Barack Obama doesn’t allow lobbyists or special interest groups access to his administration. That is, of course, just a party line from our profoundly dishonest Dear Leader. Let me rephrase that, because I’m no longer going to sugar-coat anything about this president, this administration or Washington politicians. Rephrased: Obama is a liar.

To prove my point that the Obama Administration is dishonest about special interests, Andy Stern, President of SEIU said recently, as a reminder to Barack Obama that unions wanted preferential tax treatment under ObamaCare, “It’s going to be incredibly difficult to stay focused on national politics, if by the end of 2010, we have minimal health care and minimal changes on what’s important to our members.”

Not surprisingly, SEIU endorsed the Senate Health care plan and, even less surprisingly, union members were exempt from the Cadillac Tax to which all Americans who are not members of unions will be subject if ObamaCare passes.

I’m sure glad the Dear Leader shuns special interests, aren’t you? If I didn’t like the nickname Dear Leader so much, I’d start calling this guy Pinocchio because he’s such a liar. Once again, hope you can believe in!

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