Early last Spring, my frustration with the liar presently occupying the Oval Office reached such a substantial level that I felt compelled to begin researching and writing articles on the subject. One day, depressed over the direction Dear Leader is taking the country, I wrote one of my first articles:  God, I Miss Ronald Reagan, Please Send Us Another Man Just Like Him. In honor of President Reagan’s Birthday, I am running the article again. Happy birthday President Reagan, you are profoundly missed.


My sons, 6 and 8 at the time of his passing, had no understanding of who Ronald Reagan was, or of what death meant, for that matter. But, they had never seen their father cry before that day. Those two boys, for reasons kept to themselves, sensed something quite powerful and historic must be afoot, and not at all good. They sat silently, one on either side of me, and watched President Reagan’s funeral on television.

My heart swelled when they sat beside me, swelled again as I saw the millions lining the route of the funeral procession, knowing, instinctively, but at that moment having it confirmed, that he had made a difference for each of them too, as he had me, and that we, therefore, still had hope as a nation.

Those two boys, my sons, 6 and 8 years old at the time, didn’t utter a word, either of them, for more than two hours, as we watched together, one on either side. And, for two hours or more, they wept with me.  When it was over and bedtime for my sons, they simply said “Tell us about him, Daddy.” For two hours more, I did, and several years more again. Those two remarkable young men now give me hope, like Ronald Reagan did.

I now write a blog, spreading the word as best I can, but at times lashing out, as I am not as hopeful as I was, not as hopeful as Ronald Reagan always was and encouraged us to be. But, alas, times are grim, as they were in 1980, when a weak and horrible president left us weak and hopeless. When all was darkest, one man stepped forward, made us believe, made us strong and saved us from the path of destruction, saved this country.  I’m afraid things are worse now than then, far worse, because I fear there is no one to save us now.

My father told me, on the day that Ronald Reagan left office, that the fight had not been won. A young man, at the time, I didn’t understand. Of course the fight had been won. We had strength, peace, enormous prosperity, hope; it had been won. It had not, explained the smartest man I’ve ever known, for all of Reagan’s greatness, he had but delayed the inevitable, buying us perhaps 20 years or so. For the degradation of this society by the liberals and secular progressives would march on, until the silent majority, who kept their heads down, doing the right thing, but not the noisy thing, will be silenced for good.

When their ideas, thoughts and dreams are so vastly inferior to those of conservatives, the liberals and secular progressives, it seems, will just change the laws, so that conservatives can no longer exchange, publish or broadcast their ideas. The Rush Limbaugh Law, for instance, I’m sorry, they call it the Fairness Doctrine, sees to that. Ask a liberal to explain, in detail, what about this doctrine is fair.

I fear now that my father, the smartest man I’ve ever known – and the best – was right. I now conclude most of my Blog Stories with my favorite line:

God I miss Ronald Reagan.  Read my Blogs. Scott Schaefer or Stop Obama Now. Get involved.  Stop being silent.  Take a stand, while we still have a country left worth standing for.

Scott Schaefer

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