Obama Delivers Profoundly Dishonest Stae-of-the-Union AddressPetulance and arrogance are the most prevalent traits the Dear Leader exhibited in his State of the Union Address. Although delivered with his usual eloquence, the speech was a disorganized rant that proves he doesn’t care about, nor will he listen to those he professes to govern: the American people. What Barack Obama said – in a speech akin to the ranting diatribes of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro – is sit down and shut up; I know better than you.

Full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes and ignore the message which was sent quite clearly two weeks ago by the voters of Massachusetts. When the most liberal state in the Union elects a Republican to a US Senate seat which was held by democrats for more than half a century, you’d think the guy would get the message. On the contrary, he pressed on with his characteristic disdain for the unwashed masses.

In a huge upset win – and what some call the Massachusetts Miracle – Republican Scott Brown won the most solidly democratic seat in the US Senate. I don’t know if it was a miracle, but I am certain that it was a solid repudiation of the progressive policies being forced on the American people by the Dear Leader, Barack Obama. Obama must either be completely brain dead or magnificently narcissistic to ignore the message sent by the voters.

Obama, quite obviously, doesn’t care. Instead of being humbled by the defeat in Massachusetts, he spent just over an hour lying to the American people. He used the word ‘I’ 96 times in a speech that blamed George Bush, Republican obstructionists, evil insurance companies and an ignorant Supreme Court. Everyone, it seams, is to blame for the country’s woes except, of course, for him and the more enlightened members of the press.

I remember being a young man of 15, traveling overseas with my family in 1979. I observed a conversation in a restaurant between my father – a very astute and patriotic man – and a table of Brits. At the end of a conversation that saw both the Brits and my father shaking their heads, my father explained to me that the President of the United States was an embarrassment. I didn’t completely comprehend, at the time, but I did return home and work every day after school as a volunteer for Ronald Reagan.

I now understand the embarrassment my father explained to me 30 years ago, because Barack Obama is causing the same embarrassment now. Congratulations, Dear Leader, for the most failed Presidency in history. You’ve surpassed Jimmy Carter – a weak, impotent moron if there ever was one – to take the title.

Keep lying to us, spending our money and trying to fundamentally changing America. We the People will make sure you are never reelected, Democrats will suffer magnificent losses in this years mid-term elections, and we’ll make sure that your ilk of progressives goes back into hiding for another century.

Scott Schaefer