Harry Reid finally thinks he has his caucus in order. He’s cut backroom deals and received verbal commitments from the Senators he needs, including Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson, the finest Senators money can buy.  Now he’s scrambling to hold a vote on his job-killing health care bill before anyone has a chance to change his or her mind, or read it for that matter.  Harry is on his way out – in his own race at home, he is polling around 15% – but he wants the healthcare controls in place before being ousted.

This bill is not about healthcare, it is about control.  This bill will raise your taxes, not cut them. This bill will increase the deficit, not decrease it. This bill will cost more than a trillion dollars in taxpayer money if everything goes exactly as planned, which it won’t. This bill will cut Medicare, not preserve it, come on seniors, you come out by the millions every election cycle to vote for the Dishonest Democrats when they cry that the Republicans are going to cut Medicare, so you better come out now that you’re learning the truth.  Worst of all, this bill will increase the cost of health care premiums – the exact opposite of what meaningful health care reform was supposed to accomplish. This is the bill that Harry Reid and his allies are celebrating, because it isn’t and never has been about healthcare reform; it is about control.

But don’t let the bluster fool you. Reid’s scared, he’s weak, and he knows that he’s just one defection away from losing this fight. If you can convince just one Democrat Senator to vote against Harry Reid and with the American people, you will have killed this bill. Contact every Democratic Senator today and let them know that their jobs are on the line. Tell them to vote with the American people, not against them. Call them or email wavering Democrat Senators through the GOP action center. Tell them to kill Harry Reid’s bill.

This is the moment of truth. Do not let Harry Reid and the rest of the liberals in Congress – along with the best Senators money can buy – destroy our economy. Do not let them demolish our health care system. Contact every Democratic Senator and tell them to vote no and stop this bill.

Dallas Patriot


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