Obama Administration Paid Ransom To Release Bergdahl

California Congressman Duncan Hunter, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, claims that the Obama Administration paid ransom for Bergdahl release, according to a letter the Congressman sent to the Pentagon. Bergdahl, who deserted his post in 2009, was held for five years before the Obama administration traded five Taliban terrorists to secure the release of Bergdahl.

Congressman Hunter is charging the US military unsuccessfully attempted to secure the release of Bowe Bergdahl by making a cash payment earlier this year.

In a letter to the Pentagon released last Wednesday, Representative Hunter said a payment was made to an Afghan intermediary early this year to help secure the May 31 release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held for nearly five years by the Haqqani Network in Pakistan, which is classified as a terrorist organization.

Pentagon officials have denied paying cash to secure the release of Bergdahl, who was captured in Afghanistan in 2009. A senior defense official reiterated that denial when asked about Mr. Hunter’s letter.

Bergdahl was freed in a deal mediated by the government of Qatar, after the Obama administration released five Taliban prisoners from the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The trade has been criticized by Republicans, who said it created an incentive to take Americans hostage and complained the Obama administration ignored legal provisions that require Congress be notified at least thirty days prior to any release or transfer of detainees from Guantanamo.

In his letter, Mr. Hunter asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to make new inquires with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) about the allegations that the US made the payment.

According to Representative Hunter, a Republican from California, the intermediary took the money but failed to secure Bergdahl’s release. Congressman Hunter didn’t specify how much money was paid to the Afghan intermediary, and didn’t identify the sources of his information.

The US government is prohibited from paying ransom to terror groups, such as the Haqqani Network. The Obama administration clearly broke the law if this information is true. However, it isn’t clear whether a payment to an Afghan intermediary who isn’t a member of a terror group would constitute an illegal ransom.

It will be no surprise when the allegation that the Obama Administration paid ransom for Bergdahl turns out to be true. Nor, will it be surprising when the Obama administration claims that the intermediary who absconded with the money never paid it to terrorists. Therefore, because the Obama administration is incompetent, it’s not guilty of having paid terrorists.

The allegation that the Obama administration paid ransom for Bergdahl, which is illegal, is in addition to the non-partisan Government Accountability Office legal finding that the Bergdahl trade was illegal.

The Republican mid term election victories last Tuesday will undoubtedly lead to additional congressional investigations into the Bergdahl trade deal. The House Armed Services Committee has been investigating the Bergdahl prisoner swap.

Mainstream Media Bias In Midterm Election Coverage Reaches New Heights

Liberal Billionaire Buying Election

Harry Reid and the democrats try every day to convince voters that the Koch brothers are evil conservatives who are trying to buy American politics. We’ve all heard Reid’s famous proclamation that Republicans are “addicted to Koch.”

Complicit in helping Reid keep the focus on the Koch brothers is the mainstream media bias in midterm election coverage. And democrat candidates across the country have joined Reid in this limitless dishonesty.

With all the focus on the Koch brothers, no one in the mainstream media is paying any attention to the liberal billionaire who really is trying to buy the 2014 midterm election, liberal billionaire Tom Steyer. Steyer, who founded the Nextgen Climate Political Action Committee, is spending hundreds of millions of dollars buying American politics and democrat politicians.

Billionaire Steyer, who made his money in the coal business while pretending to be green, has become the largest benefactor of democrat politicians. He has funded more than 7,000 negative ads and has already spent almost $100 million to buy the 2014 midterm election. You don’t hear this story, because mainstream media bias in midterm election coverage has provided cover for the billionaire democrat who is trying to influence the election results in seven key states.

Steyer and his Nextgen Climate Political Action Committee, together with the democrat politicians who are beholden to him for funding their campaigns, have been unsuccessful in making climate change the key issue on the ballot. Steyer and the democrats have been unable to get voters interested in global warming, largely because the planet is actually cooling. In fact, only 2 percent of Americans rank the false narrative of climate change one of the top non-economic issues facing the nation according to an October Gallup poll.

Steyer’s lack of success in convincing voters to buy into his dishonest climate change agenda hasn’t slowed his efforts to buy the election. On the contrary, Steyer has stated that he will spend whatever it takes to influence election results. Thus, he has changed direction and is now funding dishonest campaign ads about abortion, contraception, Ferguson race riots, Trayvon Martin and more. All, of course, while hiding the fact that he made billions on the fossil fuels he now pretends to hate.

Media Bias In Midterm Election Coverage

ABC, CBS and NBC won’t tell you any of this. Because of mainstream media bias in midterm election coverage, the broadcast networks censor news about Steyer, insuring there is no negative coverage of his radical political agenda or his incredible spending to buy the election. Censoring success of the mainstream media is measurable. In the last three years, the mainstream media has run one story about Steyer’s political funding, devoting just 34 words to the subject.

The mainstream media won’t tell you how Steyer invested millions in Australian coal that he ships to China to avoid environmental standards imposed in the United States. Nor will the mainstream media tell you how Steyer is spending millions to elect democrat politicians to regulate “dirty” energy in the US to benefit his eco-investments. Beholden to his political spending for the very offices they hold, democrats will hurt US companies and the US economy to expand Steyer’s already magnificent wealth.

But the mainstream media won’t cover any of these stories, because Steyer is a prominent liberal who’s been to the White House 13 times since 2010 and because it doesn’t jive with their agenda.

That Steyer and his radical Nextgen Climate Political Action Committee have spent $100 million to buy the 2014 midterm election is a story that deserves a great deal of media attention, but together ABC, CBS and NBC have only been able to muster 34 words for the story.

Mainstream media bias in midterm election coverage couldn’t be more glaring. While obscuring Steyer’s liberal agenda and political spending, ABC, CBS and NBC have devoted 22 negative stories to the Koch brothers who the media have called extremist billionaires who support “very, very conservative causes.”

None of the 22 stories that attacked the Koch brothers was positive. None of them talked about the $350 million David Koch has donated to cancer research, or the millions he gave to other causes like PBS.

The next time the mainstream media run a story about the evil Koch brothers buying American politics, remember how the mainstream media ignores Tom Steyer, his $100 million of negative ads, the Nextgen Climate Action Committee and the dishonest democrats who do his bidding.

CIA Deputy Director Involved In Benghazi Cover Up Resigns

Michael Morell, the CIA Deputy Director involved in the Benghazi cover up, resigned Wednesday.

Deputy Director Michael Morell participated in rewriting the talking points which are at the core of Obama’s Benghazi cover up. Morell later defended the CIA’s performance over the terrorist attack on the US diplomatic post that claimed four American lives. In defending the CIA Morell was directly contradicting the Obama Administration’s position making the CIA the scapegoat for the Benghazi cover up.

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Voter ID Law Upheld By Pennsylvania District Court Judge

Pennsylvania District Judge Robert Simpson yesterday denied a motion for a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by the left which seeks to block Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law from taking effect. The ruling is good news for those who support voting rights, for those who applaud sanity in government, and for those who are grateful when honest judges issue rulings consistent with the US Constitution, and not legislating from the bench.

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Is Herman Cain a Contender?

Is Herman Cain a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination? It’s a question no one in the pundit world was asking until the past week.

Cain has never held public office. When he ran for the Senate in Georgia in 2004, he lost the primary by a 52 percent to 26 percent margin. He has zero experience in foreign or defense policy, where presidents have the most leeway to set policy. When questioned about the Middle East earlier this year, he clearly had no idea what the “right of return” is. His solid performance in the Fox News/Google debate Sept. 22 didn’t get pundits to take his chances seriously. Continue reading

More Justice Done In Wisconsin

(Madison, Wisconsin) A stand by Wisconsin Republicans against a massive effort to oust them from power could reverberate across the country as the battle over union rights and the conservative revolution heads toward the 2012 presidential race. Democrats succeeded in taking two Wisconsin state Senate seats away from Republican incumbents in the recent special Recall elections, but fell short of what they needed to seize majority control of the state senate.

Republicans saw it as a big win for Governor Scott Walker and a confirmation of his conservative agenda, the hallmark of which was a measure that pared collective bargaining from public employees. The measure proved to be highly polarizing, as labor unions from around the country lined up to battle Governor Walker. Continue reading

New Article! Union Boss Threatens Obama

Union boss Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO already feels like he bought this President, along with most of the Democrats in the House and Senate. He is also keenly aware that Barack Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party expect him, and his union brethren to spend upwards of $500 million to get Obama re-elected. Continue reading

Justice Done In Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Hands Beat Down To Unions

The battle which began in January when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took office and started working to fix the state’s budget crisis by reining in the collective bargaining powers of the state’s public employee unions was finally concluded Tuesday when the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling which gives Governor Walker a huge victory and unions across the nation a sound thrashing.

Wisconsin has for months taken center stage in the much larger battle over union concessions and collective bargaining rights as states all across the country face budget shortfalls. Continue reading

Union Boss Trumka Issues Threat. Demands That Democratic Elected Officials Support Unions Or Else

If I was in the process of ramping up to spend more than $500 million of money that I stole fair and square to reelect Barack Obama, I suppose I would be rather demanding.  In fact, I’d probably feel just like Richard Trumka who, I’m sure, feels he bought this President, along with most of the Democrats in the House and Senate, so they had better by God support the unions who put them in office. Continue reading

Obama Administration Moves To Overturn Constitutional Amendments

The Obama administration is on the offensive again in their zeal to protect labor unions, showering them with corrupt deals and political favoritism. The National Labor Relations Board, an agency of the Obama administration, is expanding its authority well beyond that which is its legal charter by bringing lawsuits seeking to overturn constitutional amendments in at least two states.

The constitutional amendments, which guarantee secret ballots for union elections, were legally approved by voters in Arizona and South Dakota. Continue reading